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Road Constriction into Final Stage Reveal New Look for FruitFarm 道路工程进入最后阶段 花果山展现全新面向

15th January 2020 – Karak.

The construction of the pump house in FruitFarm has entered the final stage. In addition to the intelligent system setting in place, the floor of the pump house has also been repainted, showing a new look. The construction of the concrete pavement covering the whole farm, after the rainy season, the project is in full swing again. The roads works in the farm extend to the hill, and all roads are opened. In the future, whether it is driving up the hill for inspection or visitors to visit the farm, it will be safer and more convenient.

Because the road runs through the entire farm, a good survey and research must be done in advance to set up a passing route. Finally, through the suggestions provided by various experts, a plan was drafted and implemented. Excavate the route first and ensure that the durian tree in the farm is carried out without being affected. After excavating the route, a grid iron frame is laid on the groove preset as the road surface, and then the concrete road is construct, and the road surface is embossed by engineers to increase surface friction.

In addition, engineering vehicles were also dispatched to transport the concrete to the top of the hill to pave the road to speed up the works. And these lime-paved sections will gradually dry out and turn into pavement. Imagine that after everything is completed, visitors will be able to walk to the top of the hill and look at this lively land.

On the other hand, entering the new year, FruitFarm also ushered in the first fruit season of this year. Some durian varieties, such as D24, have begun to hit fruit. As for the native durian harvest, it start to increase. Many Musang King durian trees are fruiting, and fruit is expected to begin to fall in February. In this new year, I hope that everyone will eat more nutritious foods like durian to enhance immune system and maintain a healthy life.







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