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Setting Up the Irrigation System 设置灌溉系统 推土起箱种苗

10th December 2019 – Mentakab.

This month, EcoFarm focused on the development of new area, pushed the original slope into a trapezoid, arranged the boxing operations according to the line spacing set by professional team, and dug large trenches to bury the water pipes. Irrigation systems also continued work to dig ponds. This large-scale project involved the simultaneous operation of excavator, dozers and rollers. The excavated soil is used to fill the low-lying areas. The area covered by this newly developed area is quite large, and the preparation work before the durian seedlings are expected to take a lot of time.

The reason for taking so much effort to create a high-quality home of durian seedlings is because it is related to the future growth of the trees for hundreds of years, so it must be carefully calculated and professionally planned to develop the best growing environment. In particular, the durian seedlings we used are derived from the Tanah Merah mother tree. After being docked, healthy and strong seedlings are cultivated and transplanted into the soil. Therefore, each tree is stronger. After professional cultivation, it will grow healthily like the mother tree in the future.

In the process of transplanting, the action of unpacking plays an important role. The position of unpacking is particularly critical, because in addition to providing sufficient nutrients for the saplings, it also avoid water accumulation in the roots and reduce diseases, so that the saplings can grow healthy.

To make the farm boundaries more complete and clear, land surveys were performed again. The Eco Starland Group hires experts with licensed professional to perform the land surveys. The results of this survey are recognized by the Forestry Bureau and will be a great help to the future planning and development of the EcoFarm.







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