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Tasting Musang King Durians before Judging Them 猫山王当道 吃了才知道

27th July 2019 - Karak.

FruitFarm is very lively today. Not only were there a lot of visitors, but also executives from Eco Starland, Wealthreel and our farm director Mr Wee Yong Geap, all gathered together to experience the fruit season of FruitFarm. In order to provide the best service, the staff departed from Kuala Lumpur at 7:00 in the morning to Karak for preparatory work.

First, clean up the environment; then, arrange the tables and chairs to prepare for the massive crowd. At the same time, test and install electronics; finally, complete the field cloth. After the end of prep-work, it is almost there, as the visitors arrive at 9:30am. After the luggage have been put down, reported to the reception, and signed an agreement to agree to the authorisation letter, we start the activities.

Before the official start, it is not unreasonable to take a group photo, and then the professional guide of the Eco Starland. Mr Tan leading the visitors to enjoy the harvest of the farm. All the visitors wear a safety helmet to ensure their own safety, because the durian on the tree falls at any time without any warning, so we must be cautious at all times. August is the durian season, and the black net is set up to prevent the durian from crashing to the floor, and some of the visitors can’t help but try out some durians right there. Everyone also helped in collecting durians and feel the fun of it.

After enjoying the scenery of the farm, it is time to enjoy lunch and watch the company profile video. Following that is the most anticipated part of the trip, which is trying out durians. At the start of the session, we started with various kinds of durians, and ended it all up with Musang King Durians. The quality of the Musang King durians in FruitFarm has been kept above the standard after careful cultivation, so that the visitors can be very satisfied with the durians they were served, ending the trip with a happy smile.


花果山今天异常热闹,不只来了许多访客,还有易盛高层及 Wealthreel 的主要人物及黄勇业老师,全都欢聚一起,感受花果山这次产季,园内的丰收景象。为了提供最好的服务,工作人员早上7点就从吉隆坡启程前往加叻花果山进行筹备工作。




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