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The Flashback of EcoFarm and FruitFarm 回顾易盛园及另看花果山

June 2020 - Mentakab, Pahang.

As we approach mid-year, Eco Starland as usual with a formal performance evaluation process in place will launch into the review. This is important as we have a specific target to hit and make sure everything is under control and well managed. These evaluations provide a way for the durian plantation clarifies outcomes. It can provide plantation development observation and it influences future actions and decisions.

当我们接近年中时,像往常一样具有正式绩效评估流程的易盛园将进入审核。 这是很重要的,因为我们有一个明确的目标可以实现,并确保一切都在控制和良好的管理中。 这些评估为榴莲种植园的成绩提供了一种途径。 它可以提供果园施工发展观察,并影响未来的操作和决策。

June 2020 - Karak, Pahang

After FruitFarm was built by the skill of the farmer, the trees in the farm were full of vigour and vitality, and the flowers are blooming in the first season, making it a delightful surprise for everyone. The farm went from a messy pile to the present, where flowers are blooming, all fruits are hanging and the results are satisfying and exciting. The durian fruits start dropping and harvesting.

Not only were high-quality Musang King Durians grown, but also a lot of other varieties have been carefully cared for, irrigated, and fertilised, and the texture of the flesh has continuously improved and is still improving. It’s obvious that as long as you planting with heart, you can overcome the disadvantages, as a result of making FruitFarm re-energise and rejuvenate.




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