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The Ministry of Agriculture reissue the Certificate of D197 猫山王就是坤玉王 农业局补发证书以资证明

16th May 2019 - Tanah Merah, Kelantan

The Musang King Durian we all know and love is also called the Durian Raja Kunyit. This is a little known fact and is only more commonly known to communities between durian gourmands and citizens living in Kelantan. As to how the Raja Kunyit Durian is more commonly known as the Musang King, later on, is a long story, and details can be found in “My Durian Farming Logbook” by Mr Wee Yong Geap, which is available for sale at Malaysia bookstore now.

In the ‘60s to the ‘70s, there is a big fan of durian from Tanah Merah, Kelantan, and his name is Wee Chong Beng. He travelled across Malaysia, and even other countries in search of the best durians, and in the end, he found that the best durian is the Kunyit Durian grown in Pulau Raya. Wee Chong Beng believes that, in his journey of searching quality durians, Kunyit Durians are unique and the best. After getting permission from the tree owner, he took the roots and shoots of the mother tree back to Tanah Merah, and transplanted them to his own farm.

After years of researching, planting and improvements, Mr Wee’s Kunyit Durians have a bittersweet with layers of taste, and without saying its quality has far exceeded the taste and quality of the mother tree. So he went to the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia to apply for registration and successfully obtained the registration number D-197, named the Raja Kunyit Durian finally in 1993. However, an unfortunate flood happened in Kelantan during 2014, causing damage to parts of the certificate.

After Mr Wee Chong Beng has passed away, the successor of the certificate is none other than his son Mr Wee Yong Geap. To prove that he is the true successor, he went to the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia to reissue a new certificate, and stated clearly that, according to the New Plant Variety Protection Act of 2004, Wee Chong Beng is the registered owner of the D-197 Raja Kunyit Musang King.

Finally, on this long-awaited day, we got the certificate of D-197 Raja Kunyit Durian (Musang King) approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Wee Yong Geap then went back home, which is Tanah Merah’s office of Agriculture to get the original certificate. When he was holding the certificate, it was a tribute to his beloved father, Mr Wee Chong Beng.

At the moment, this one and only certificate is now the property of Eco Starland, and is hung in the office of the Kuala Lumpur headquarters, becoming a treasure to the office.

2019年5月16日 - 吉兰丹州丹那美拉讯。


在60-70年代,一位来自吉兰丹州丹那美拉(Tanah Merah)的榴梿发烧友-黄崇铭。他走遍马来西亚,甚至远走国外寻觅多年,始终认为在欢庆岛上生长的坤玉榴梿是王中极品。 黄崇铭认为在寻觅优质榴梿的漫长过程中,坤玉榴梿是绝无仅有的。经过庄家许可后,他将母树芽眼带回丹那美拉,以嫁接方法移植到自家果园。

经过多年细心培植及栽种改良,他种植的坤玉榴梿甜中带苦、层次丰富、品质极佳,美味程度已经超越母树。于是他到农业部申请注册,成功在1993年获得马来西亚农业部注册编号为D197,名称为坤玉王榴梿(Durian Raja Kunyit)。但不幸的是,2014年吉兰丹遭遇水灾重挫,导致此证书部分毁损。

自黄崇铭老先生离世之后,证书继承人也就是他的儿子黄勇业先生。为了证明自己是正宗继承人,他向马来西亚农业局重新申请补发新证书,并清楚阐明根据2004年新植物品种保护法案,D197-Raja Kunyit 猫山是王黄崇铭的。




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