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The New Norm of EcoFarm and FruitFarm 易盛园及花果山的新常态

May 2020 – Pahang

Malaysia implemented a “Movement Control Order” (MCO) nationwide from 18th March 2020. Specific measures include prohibiting people from going out when not necessary, prohibiting cross-state travel without permission, prohibiting large-scale gathering activities, and closing schools and some shops, entry and exit restrictions, etc.

In May, the COVID-19 the situation has improved, and the movement control order has been gradually loosened. Facing the challenges brought by the epidemic, all farms of Eco Starland Group adopted the restrictive measures implemented at this stage to ensure the health and safety of all staff. However, this pandemic has not much effect on our plantation.

The FruitFarm is blooming recently, and the durian fruits hang all over the garden. The heavy rain in the past few days has not affected the charm of Musang King durians, and the fruit is still hanging high. It is believed that July and August will be the harvest season of this farm.

As for EcoFarm, it is also taken care of meticulously. Although the MCO made us a little inconvenient to travel across states, the farm was not left out. The working staff in the plantation still irrigates, fertilizes, observes, and cares for the durian trees every day without stopping. It is necessary to ensure that every durian baby tree grows strong and healthy.

The farm development of EcoFarm has also gradually entered the main construction, and our reservoir is approaching the later stage. We believe the structure can be completed by the middle of this year. Comfy staff quarters are also planned to be completed and are in full swing now.

2020年5月 – 彭亨讯


踏入5月, 新冠疫情有所好转行动管制令已经慢慢面对疫情带来的挑战,易盛集团旗下的果园采取阶段所实施的限制措施, 以保所有工作人员的健康与安全。但是,这也对我们的果园没有任何的影响。





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