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Training for Eco Starland Group‘s consultant to understand the new targets 易盛集团顾问开年首场培训会议

3 January 2019, Kuala Lumpur

A training for consultants was held as Eco Starland Group's initiative to advance itself in the market and industry. This training event is meant for front-line company employees - the consultant team members, to understand the new targets, goals and policies of the company and to create a networking platform for experience sharing in order to create a win-win relationship for all.

At 10 a.m, the training session was officiated by the host, Benn Lee and then began with an opening speech by group founder, Mr Lim as he gave words of encouragement for this coming new year to the team to overachieve and to reach their goals. He also mentioned, Eco Starland Group has tremendous potential in the upcoming and developing economy. Eco Starland Groups strives to become a consolidated agricultural enterprise one day.

Next, Benn Lee then discussed the potential markets on Malaysia's agricultural business and the international demand for the durian fruit. He also explained the background of Eco Starland Group and the types of durian-related assets held by the group which included durian farms and other fruit orchards with the future development plans.

Up until the afternoon, the group of consultants had some rest and enjoyed themselves with a plentiful lunch buffet. At 2.00 p.m, the second part of the session began. Benn Lee introduced the group's changes, objectives and hopes for the new year. He also presented the group's latest sales plan and strategies.

To ensure the consultants understand the new direction of the company, Wealthreel's key members, Brandon added in important facts and Wei Chi assisted in translations. Everyone present then understood the company's strategy better with their assistance.

This consultant training provided participants detailed news and information while maintaining great interaction amongst each other with plenty of questions asked. Participants were very curious on Eco Starland Group's durian farm plans, as they were eager to have a look at the durian farm that was officiated 2 months ago and understand the entire durian tree growth process.

After the training session ended, some consultants remained in the meeting and continued in their discussions. It seems like a successful year ahead for all.



早上10点,培训会议开始,由专业讲师Benn Lee主持,首先由集团创始人——林金钟先生致辞,在开年做信心喊话,祝福每个人都能够立定目标,自我突破,迈向高峰。他也提到,农企业在未来新兴经济市场拥有巨大潜力,易盛集团也积极朝向综合农企业的目标努力。

接着,Benn Lee进一步探讨马来西亚农企业的市场潜能及国际市场对榴梿的需求情况。他也提到易盛集团的背景以及集团旗下各榴梿园,包括榴恋园、花果山、易盛园等的发展现况及规划。

一直到中午时分,顾问团稍作休息,享用由工作人员安排好的丰盛自助午餐。下午2点左右,第二阶段的培训会议接着开始。Benn Lee介绍公司在新的一年,所作的变革、目标和展望。完成详细的专业解说后,Benn Lee发表了公司拟定最新的市场营销策略及计划。




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