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University Nottingham of Malaysia Durian Event 易盛协力诺丁汉 产学合作第一弹

17th August 2019 - Semenyih.

Eco Starland Group has cooperated with the University of Nottingham Malaysia for research between both parties. Not only the R&D centre of Eco Starland that actively expands the cultivation technology and production of durian, but also combines scientific research in the academic field in the future. With the opening day of University of Nottingham, a lot of parents accompanied freshly graduated students to the campus and learn about the culture and history of the school and its infrastructure.

The staff of Eco Starland Group was driving from their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur at 9:00 am to the University of Nottingham in Semenyih. Upon arrival, the staff started preparing for the afternoon’s voucher exchange for durians activities, including the distribution of promotional tools and the essential durians.

Eco Starland’s professional lecturer, Benn, was also feverishly providing explanations of our business to the professors, teachers, and the public who are interested in learning more about the industry so that more people can clearly understand the latest trends in durian industry and Eco Starland’s operation. Subsequently, everyone who participated in listening to the talk was able to get their hands on a redemption voucher with the company’s logo on it in exchange for two durians pieces.

The redemption activity started at 2 pm, but before that many people were attracted by the aroma of durians while having their tickets at the ready and asking about it while queuing for it. As more and more people gathered, the exchange activities also officially start. Professor Lam, the chief of research and development consultant group of Eco Starland and also a professor at the University of Nottingham, kicked off the event. In addition to displaying various varieties of durians, the site also offered fresh durians for tasting.

More and more people gathered, and our workers were extremely busy distributing durians to guests. At the end of the day, more than 1000 pieces of durian were distributed. The event lasted until 3:30 pm, and everyone who participated in the event left happy and satisfied.

Eco Starland especially thanks to Professor Dr Andy Chan for the invitation and make this event successful.









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