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Wealthreel consultants gave Benn Lee birthday surprise— Wealthreel顾问为11月份寿星Benn Lee庆生

21 November 2018, Kuala Lumpur.

Eco Starland Group welcomes its partner – Wealthreel to boost the strength of the group. Apart from organizing trips to the durian orchard, Wealthreel also organized briefings on Eco Starland’s operations for more transparency which promoted the company’s operations to the public.

Not only people came from all over the peninsular, but there were also visitors from East Malaysia that arrived around 9AM at Eco Starland Group’s head office. The briefing started at 10AM and the crowd then readied themselves at their seats. The speaker for the day was Benn Lee who presented the briefing with his professional yet humorous style of speaking that mesmerized the listening crowd.

The briefing proceeded smoothly and the visitors presented many constructive questions to the speaker. As Benn announced it was time to take a break before continuing to the second part of the briefing, the lights turned dark and a birthday song was played. It was Benn Lee’s birthday! The staff members from Eco Starland Group and Wealthreel had prepared a heartwarming birthday surprise for Benn.

Surrounded by the birthday song in the background, Benn made his birthday wish, sliced the cake and accepted well wishes from the visitors and employees present. The staff members then prepared the long-anticipated Musang King Durians for tasting while everyone continued to mingle around. The day then ended around lunch time.


易盛集团迎来实力坚强的合作伙伴 —— Wealthreel,使团队更加茁壮。除了每个月定时安排访客前往榴恋园参访,还特别开设说明会,公开透明的作业方式,就是为了让人更清楚知道易盛集团的作业情况。

不只是来自西马,还有不少东马的朋友远道而来,在早上9点左右就陆续抵达易盛集团办公室享用早餐。一直到10点说明会开始,大家很快入座等候。担任说明会讲师的Benn Lee,专业又风趣幽默的风格,让参与者听得津津有味。

说明会进行得十分顺利,访客也对讲者的说明感到好奇,提出许多有建设性的问题。当Benn 宣布休息片刻再开始第二阶段的说明,突然灯光一暗,生日歌缓缓响起,原来今天是Benn Lee的生日,易盛集团和Wealthreel 的工作人员一起为Benn打造了一个简单温馨的生日惊喜。




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