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Wealthreel's seminar comes wave after wave attracted people of all ages Wealthreel说明会接连不断吸引老中青三代共襄盛举

2 March 2019, Kuala Lumpur

In order to let everyone have the opportunity to participate in this project, Wealthreel will hold several seminars in the future, hoping that more people can have their own durian trees.

The presentation will be held at the headquarter of Eco Starland Group at 10:00 am. The seminar not only attracted local people but also visitors from China who showed high interest and even hope to bring this commercial project to the Chinese market and get a share of it. Nearly 50 interested guests listened attentively to the explanation of the speaker, Benn.

Actually, everyone should learn more about the project especially young people have to plan for the future, foreseeing Musang King contributed a large number of exports to China will be just a matter of time. Authorities have already been doing audit progress, so this is the perfect time to enter the market. In addition, we will be assisted by experienced farmers and high-tech equipment regardless of the cost to achieve the most comprehensive and ultimate goal.

Benn, as the key speaker, not only introduced Eco Starland Group and its future development trend but also sorted out the durian market conditions to let the public know that it is not an illusion that the durian industry is rapidly growing. It is indeed happening and if you missed the present moment, it will be twice as hard to get involved in the future. Therefore, do take action if you are keen as opportunities are only for the people who are prepared.


Wealthreel 年后说明会紧锣密鼓进行中,为了让每个人在这个最佳时机都有机会参与这项计划,未来计划将在全马举行多场说明会,希望让更多人能够拥有属于自己的榴梿树。





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