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World-Class Motivator Brian Cha visited Eco Starland Farm 车志健亲临易盛集团果园 品尝世界一流猫山王

2nd June 2019 - Mentakab, Karak, Kuala Lumpur.

World-class motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and world records holder - Brian Cha once said that the motto of his life is: “create your own destiny”, educating people innovative marketing models and forward-thinking are particularly influential. This time, he came to Malaysia not only to promote new books but also to visit and learn about the operation of Eco Starland Group. Particularly, in recent years, business opportunities in the durian community have been increased. As an expert in the innovative marketing model, Brian Cha will certainly not miss out on this opportunity to understand durian business.

A total of 20 friends, led by Brian Cha, went to the 315-acres EcoFarm in Mentakab, and they were stunned by the vast and fertile land. It’s expected that after five years, the saplings we now have will grow into strong durian trees. Later, they went to FruitFarm in Karak to see lush green trees with mountains of fruits on them.

Last but not least, we stop at DurioFarm, where we visit the daze pavilion to experience the Southeast Asian style. Also, looking at the centuries-old trees full of time marks and taste the famously delicious durians, including the famous Musang King durian. Even Brian Cha, who has never tried durian in his life, praise the Musang King. This is the charm of the Musang King Durian, which makes all the guests remember the taste of it, meaning its taste is completely different from the Thai Durians in Hong Kong.

In the process of visiting these 3 farms, Brian Cha did not forget to record his experiences that day in his free time. Every place we go, he opens up a live feed and share his experiences with his friends all around the world, sharing Malaysia’s beauty. He also especially praised Eco Starland’s farm with beautiful and pleasant scenery. Everyone is welcome to visit the farm themselves to learn more about it.

The final event of the day was to head back to the Eco Starland headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, sharing the operation of the company with this group of friends from Hong Kong, indicating that the interaction at the meeting was warm. In particular, the durian industry was new to Hong Kong friends, so it provoked a lot of discussions, continuing on until dinner time. The event ended at 8 o’clock in the evening and the guests left happily.








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