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Eco Starland Group aims to break through and be a stand out in the agricultural industry. We strive to meet the international market demand effectively by providing high-quality agricultural products through innovation, excellence and strategic solutions. We are focussed in elevating the status of durian from being the “King of Fruits In Malaysia” to being the “Golden Fruit of The World”.

About us


Leader In Innovative Durian Agriculture


Eco Starland Group is a comprehensive agricultural enterprise with services covering the full spectrum of the agricultural value chain. In addition to transforming the traditional durian industry into a series of synergistic value-added components like smart plantation, manufacturing, production, international & local trade, distribution and tourism, we also offer a hassle-free one-stop service, by providing our customers with a unique agricultural management solution to improve productivity and optimising economic benefit to the community.

about us
Eco Starland - About us
As a globally integrated plantation and management company, Eco Starland is involved in full spectrum of agribusiness value chain, from upstream to downstream activities to continuous R&D. We supply a package of services designated to provide clients with agricultural solutions to improve productivity and profitability on farming enterprises. We offer the following supports to our clients:

Build A Truly Malaysian Durian Brand

The Group’s core objective is to transform and expand the Malaysian durian industry globally, and ultimately for durians to be at the forefront of the  Malaysian agricultural industry.


Create Value for Customers

By integrating expert agricultural knowledge and experience with innovative, leading edge, smart farming technology.


Promote Growth of the Agricultural Industry

By staying ahead in the development of the Malaysian agribusiness, promoting the operation of small-scale agriculture businesses, participating in agricultural activities and providing various professional industry training.


Boost Economic Growth

By engaging in the international market, adopting active and continuous research & development to provide cutting-edge technology in the agricultural industry, staying innovative to stay ahead, and stimulating the market for continuous economic growth.


Provide Opportunities

By offering advisory services to the industry, including financial advice, investment services and joint-venture formation, capital market access assistance,  valuation services and restructuring of agribusiness projects and financial plans.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Eco Starland Group believes in conducting business based on honesty, integrity, innovation, excellence, gratitude and responsibility. We constantly encourage and reward employees to challenge traditional thinking and show their value as well as to develop a business structure for a new era of durian industry.



“Embrace with Trust, Sharing with Bloom.

      Be with One Heart, Share the Prosperity”


Don’t live in regret over missed opportunities, for if you do, you will lose even more!


We are excited going forward as durians will be the new source of wealth in the agricultural industry.


Durian’s demand in the domestic and international market, especially the Musang King variety, is just immense and still growing, thus setting the stage for substantial growth going forward.  Malaysian durian is definitely moving from only serving local demand to the international stage.


Eco Starland Group is well positioned to capitalise on this new economy and to provide you with the golden opportunity now to make your dreams a reality.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is a way of doing business and is at the heart of everything we do.


“Treat with great care and attention.

  To us, there is no best, only better.”

With Eco Starland’s innovation, dedication and providing the best solutions, we continue to work hard to attract top international retailers and ensuring high standards in marketing, product quality and business development.

Eco Starland Group always mindful of corporate social responsibilities; we take great pride in creating high-quality agricultural products for the benefit of society. In doing so, Eco Starland Group aims to not only meet but exceed customers expectations in every aspect of our business.

Work together with us. Let’s build a glorious new era of the durian industry in Malaysia.


Eco Starland Group always mindful of corporate social responsibilities; we take great pride in creating high-quality agricultural products for the benefit of society. In doing so, Eco Starland Goup aims to not only meet but exceed customers expectations in every aspect of our business.   

Work together with us. Let's build a glorious new era of the durian industry in Malaysia.


 Believes in conducting business based on honesty, integrity, innovation, excellence, gratitude and responsibility. We constantly encourage and reward employees to challenge traditional thinking and show their value as well as to develop a business structure for a new era of durian industry.


We work, collaborate and succeed in unity, believing and trusting each other in pursuing our shared goals. We embrace a philosophy of openness in acknowledging differences of opinions, cultures and contributions among all team members, treating all with respect.


We believe in continuous improvements, exploring new ideas and promoting creative thinking. We commit passionately to excel at all we do, constantly striving to push the limits and surpass standards of excellence.

Our Team

Eco Starland professional team is the key to our success, combining multi-faceted professional knowledge and skills, with elites from agriculture, science, industry and finance. Under the leadership of our founder Lim Kim Chong, Eco Starland Group strives to become a leader in plantation management and agricultural research & development. With the combined knowledge and skills of our professional team, Eco Starland Group is well poised to take a giant leap forward and up to a higher level of growth.

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Our Team
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Lim Kim Chong



A high achiever since young, Lim began his career in 1995 and very soon he earned top awards and accolades of excellence for dealership in the company. Within 6 years, he was promoted to the management team and appointed to oversee the company’s interests in Asia Pacific Region, before setting out on his own business venture in 2006. Thus far, Lim owns and operates a great diversity of businesses, such as food & beverages, restaurant chain store, entertainment industry, direct selling and marketing company, as well as investment and consultation services. 

Rejuvenated by the variety of business divisions, Lim companies has grown leaps and bounds, especially in the F&B arena, and has expanded into China with its numerous awards from the prestigious SME Award, all of which are under his name – amongst others, the Rising Star Award 2008, the Brand Excellence 2009, the Management Of The Year Award 2009, the Service Excellence Award 2010, the Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2011. 

As a very successful leader, his achievements were chronicled in the Asia Success Inc magazine, which recognizes the best and the top entrepreneurs in the business and entrepreneurship arena. In addition, he was also featured in the World Dictionary of Successful Minnan Businessman, which has made him a very reputable public figure and role model in the eyes of the world.


Dr Ricky Beh

Marketing Director

Dr Ricky Beh started his career in the sales and marketing industry at a young age. However, his 30 years of experience in marketing and direct selling has given him an edge in the business industry. 


Dr Ricky Beh's strategic planning and marketing achievements were recognized when he received his Doctor of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship in 2009. With his brilliant vision, precise strategy, and entrepreneurial skills, Dato' Sri Dr Ricky Beh has become a key person in the Group Executive Chairman of The Boston Group, a company that ventured into different sectors, including F&B, water filter and entertainment.


Dr Ricky Beh owns companies in many countries in Asia. He has also won the Super Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Asian Super Enterprise Award and the Outstanding Award winner. He has created over 100 million corporate marketing performances and led over 100,000 teams in the enterprises. 


Besides, He believes everyone deserves good health, happiness and quality of life. So, with an ambition to create a better, healthier society for all, he founded CVI Link and developed the core product of Lucenta Deer Placenta. In addition, he created the Bitney Foundations community blockchain and digital transformation and completed an integrated platform.


Today, he sees and believes that the potential of durian cultivation will be a new source of agricultural wealth in Malaysia. Therefore, he has entered the durian agribusiness and brought durian to another metaverse.

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James Fan

Marketing Director


The well-known Asia passive income speaker, rise from obscurity in Hong Kong, work hard to make billion dollars and is financially free at 40 years old. His passive income up to 6 figure monthly. He was the general manager of Fortune 500 enterprise group, led a team of dozens of people, managed hundreds of millions of businesses. He founded more than ten profitable companies with different businesses. Now he is a world-class professional advisor with more than 10,000 students.


He is a first honour graduate in British university and Master of Management Administration in Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also has a certificate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practioner. Even if he has 20 years of investment real estate and 13 years of teaching experience, he continues to improve himself, not to miss any learning opportunities from world-class masters, including professional skills in financial technology, financial quotient, behavioral psychology, sales, management, negotiation, etc.


He has a precise investment vision. He manages more than 300 subdivided units and collect rent through 6 properties, allowing him to enjoy high income. He wrote best-selling book “Blog to make Yearly Income in Million” and “Bid in Smart eBay Way”. He was invited to an exclusive interview with the Hong Kong TVB program “Big Boys Club”. He also cooperated with the best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki. Now, he is optimistic about the durian industry, and start planning and develop the market, to create a new ambience for Malaysia agricultural industry.

Marketing Director
Chief Executive Officer
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Dato' Yirin Choo PY.

Chief Executive Officer


Dato’ Yirin Choo is the epitome of excellence and success, given her outstanding and admirable attributes as an aspiring female entrepreneur. Not only that she is the Founder and Executive Director of Dynaplast (M) Sdn Bhd since 2000, she is also the mastermind behind many prominent brands and businesses, who has carved remarkable successes and achievements in the business arena throughout the years. Owing to her exceptional journey, it is not surprising to find many titles and awards to her name, which have all collectively recognised her as one of the top leading entrepreneurs in Asia.


Dato’ Yirin Choo grew up in Kuala Lumpur. She graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Commerce at the age of 23. Started off from her humble beginnings, she is a firm believer of her own visions and values, which have propelled her to venture into a wide array of businesses.


In 2010, she was awarded the Women Entrepreneurs Award for her outstanding leadership quality in orchestrating her top-performing businesses that have impacted the economy of Malaysia. As she continued to achieve business successes that belie her age, she was awarded the Young Entrepreneurs Award by the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) Association in 2011. She was the sole recipient of the Super Woman Entrepreneur Award 2012 and was also acknowledged as the Innovator of the Year, thus making her to be at the top of the 2013 list of Malaysian Entrepreneurs.​


In recognition of her contribution to the industry, society and country, Yirin was conferred the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP), a prestigious award which carries the official title of Dato’ in 2016.


To date, she owns more than 30 organisations and brands from various industries, ranging from manufacturing to financial investment, packaging, marketing, water purification, food and beverages, entertainment, consulting and many others, which are all spread across different parts of the world. 


As a far-sighted person, she has much greater plans which are durian plantation that is distinctive to create the next breakthroughs in the market.

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