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Our Business

Agribusiness Value Chain creates efficiencies and produce desirable and premium quality products. Eco Starland synergies and integrate each process link for increasing productivity, providing economic and social benefits.

Eco Starland Berhad - Plantation & Farming
& Farming
Eco Starland Berhad - Plantation & Farming
Eco Starland Berhad - Packaging & Manufacturing
Packaging &
Eco Starland Berhad - Logistic & Distribution
Logistic &
Eco Starland Berhad - International Trade & Retail
Trade & Retail
Eco Starland Berhad - Plantation & Farming

We develop and manage agricultural businesses, farming assets and plantation activities. Our life cycle approach provides framework of extensive services inclusive of plantation advisory, production optimization, feasibility studies, pest and disease management and best practice management of agricultural and farming operations to maximize returns.


We are committed to promoting the development of eco-tourism and create awareness of the healthy culture, education and environmental protection. On the basis of advocating international conservation and sustainable development, healthy plantation techniques are applied to ecological tourist attractions. In additional, we are promoting agricultural development and the importance of educating healthy plantation.

Eco Starland Berhad - Packaging & Manufacturing

We provide agricultural extension and technical input for production of sideline value-added products. We help our clients overcome the complex challenges of understanding and meeting market demands, assist farmers to access markets for their produce.  We deliver exceptional value-added agriculture products from plantation to international retail and wholesale markets. 

Eco Starland Berhad - Logistic & Distribution

We are embarking on end-to-end logistics and door-to-door distribution services complement the company’s logistics activities locally and overseas.  We further strengthen our agribusiness supply chain with commercial warehousing, warehouse management and others value-added services to ensure we always maintain our supply chain as the sturdiest. 

Eco Starland Berhad - International Trade & Retail

We supply a fully coordinated logistics solution to our projects and provide reliable supply chain services to international wholesaler and retailer. Through a close network of reputable service providers and technical support, we are able to supply production input needs of agricultural value chain activities in the most effective manner. 

Plantation & Farming
Packaging & Manufacturing
Logistic & Distribution
International Trade & Retail
Eco Tourism

Our Strength

At Eco Starland, we invest our time in manufacturing tailor-made products to meet the international market demands as well as to individual consumer’s needs. We conduct continuous R&D with a group of elite scientists, technician and advisors, assisting us with our commitment in providing high quality products to our customers. Our R&D capabilities encompass all research area requirements across the value chain. Through our strategic and operational R&D, we are committed to developing, applying and transferring relevant knowledge, research findings and technologies to improve our plantation yields, handling processes and customise our downstream products. On top of that, we differentiate ourselves by optimizing company value through new lease plantation, merger and acquisition of existing plantation farm.


Strategic locations where quality durians bloom.


"Passion, persistence, innovation,

     Presenting the true taste of nature!"


Malaysia has unique geographical advantages; blessed with natural resources, abundant sunshine and adequate rainfall. It is a natural greenhouse perfect for fruits and vegetable cultivation.


Eco Starland Group owns durian plantation in Pahang which includes EcoFram, FruitFarm and DurioFarm . The superior geographical location and natural environment make the land extremely suitable for durian cultivation. These farms will form a one-stop ecological agriculture development hub for durian plantation, management, production and other related activities.

More than tens of thousands of seedlings of hope have been planted. Very soon,  you will see your golden fruits in full bloom, up in the rolling hills of Pahang. Experience for yourself as nothing beats the joy of harvesting and realising the commercial value of authentic Musang King durian.

Our Strenght

Our Advantages

We exploit the agribusiness value chain, from seeding to the farm operation, post-harvest handling, production and manufacturing up to international retail and trade activities. Thus, we pride to control and warrant the quality and efficiency of the production and yield. Creating a robust agribusiness ecosystem, strengthening the business value and economic growth.  

Our Advantages
Eco Starland Berhad - Innocation Technology
Eco Starland Berhad - Research & Development
Eco Starland Berhad - Experienced Team
Eco Starland Berhad - Globa Distibutin Channels
Our Projects

  Our Projects

A Prosperous Environment


Malaysia is a natural greenhouse perfect for nourishing and growing greens.There’s rich soil,glorious sunshine and frequent refreshing rain.


Our gardens — EcoFarm,FruitFarm and DurioFarm — are grown in beautiful environment around strategic landscapes.

Eco Starland Group has truly developed into a one-stop eco-agricultural hub for the cultivation,management and production of durians.


-- EcoFarm -

Located in Mentakab, Pahang and across 315 acres, EcoFarm held a “ground breaking” ceremony in October 2018. The farm is en route to become a large-scale durian enterprise integrated with smart agri-farming.


- FruitFarm -

The FruitFarm is the first research & development base for Eco Starland Group. Located in karak, Pahang, It is surrounded by mountains, river, and natural valleys – a tropical paradise. The farm is set to develop into a modern demonstration orchard with advanced technology.

Our Future Direction

Our Future Direction 

Being part of the future development in agribusiness trend, Eco Starland Group has gradually become the choice of investors. We utilise the most advanced technology to provide complete innovative and create solutions at every aspect. We are currently in full operation state and we have created a long-term corporate structure to maintain the steady growth. 

Besides, our peculiar business model is potential in the broad market and having a room of limitless expansion. On top of that, the forecasted profits generating from company’s platform as one of our essential element to be taken into consideration to achieve our ultimate aim – to be publicly listed on International stock markets. Before the listing, we will participate in a variety of market development to attract more customers and investors. Our advanced agricultural business, farming assets and plantation activities will also ensure the future sustainable growth of the company.

We are committed to becoming an ambitious and passionate agribusiness services company. We are proud of being part of multicultural global agriculture company. We are always conscious in selected markets and customers, as we strive to provide high quality, integrity, safe and reliable service. We invest in reform, our team and our industry.

In the coming days, we will continue to explore and expand the business, continue to provide more supports around the region, to innovate with a more comprehensive range of higher quality of agriculture services. 


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