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90 Visitors from all over Malaysia gathered in DurioFarm 90名来自全马访客热闹齐聚榴恋园

20 December 2018, Bentong

A large 90 people entourage arrived at the farm from ipoh and different parts of Malaysia. At around 11 am, there were already many visitors who drove up to the Karak DurioFarm for a chance to enjoy its beautiful environment. Not long after, two buses of visitors also arrived at Karak which were then ferried off to the farm in smaller groups by our staff.

The activities at the farm began afterwards. First off, our host headed the launch ceremony and briefed the visitors on the origins of the Musang King Durian. He also demonstrated a live grafting technique on durian plants. They then had a group photo taken as the weather was great. This large scale visit had more than 90 participants which made the atmosphere at the farm very lively!

Next, through the activities, the visitors learned more on the farm environment and farm management. They also explored the growing phase environment of the durian trees and acquired valuable knowledge of durians.

To relieve the visitors after a long day of travelling, Eco Starland Group prepared a buffet for the visitors which they could enjoy the food while looking at the group's updates through news clippings and short video clips.

A visit to the DurioFarm is never complete without the tasting of D24 durians and many other durians. The visitors also witnessed the host opening durians with his bare hands which attracted a big round of applause from the audience.

At around 2 pm, the visitors then proceeded to the group's head office in Mid Valley by bus. They then gather there for a short tea break prepared by Eco Starland team. The lucky visitors also received complimentary gifts and participated in a lucky draw which ended the day.








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