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EcoFarm Create Beautiful Home for Durian Trees 易盛园展开挖池工程 打造榴梿树美好家园

10th September 2019 – Mentakab.

It is definitely a profound knowledge to plant a healthy durian tree. Not only have to consider the details of planting, but also take care of every seedling, and have great foresight, open up your imagination, and plan well before any starts. With a comfortable and cosy environment, the durian tree grows healthily.

EcoFarm plans to start a number of projects in the near future. The large-scale digging works started this month. At present, there are at least two construction vehicles per day to excavate in EcoFarm. The pond digging project mainly considers that must be made good use of the several marshes in EcoFarm. If the pond project complete, it can use to store reserve water.

Especially the rainy season at the end of the year is coming, the ideal situation is to complete the project before the rainy season. It can keep the reserve water well, and on the other hand, take precaution and prepare well for the dry season.

The reason why we pay attention to the water supply of the farm is that the larger the durian tree grows, the more water it needs, and it can be said to be the most important growth element. However, although a large amount of water supply is required, there is no way to logging water, these are the details where a farm must aware when planning and operating.

At present, EcoFarm will start the first pond this month, and will soon continue to excavate the second one. In the future, all of these reservoirs will be connected in series to become a complete water supply system, and the farm irrigation system will be reinforced. This is a long-term and meticulous project that is expected to take at least three months to construct.







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