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FruitFarm Plan to Create a Garden Arcadia 花果山改造计划 打造桃花源

15th October 2019 – Karak

In response to the increasing number of visitors to FruitFarm, Eco Starland is ready to welcome more VIPs. Therefore, Eco Starland is planning a series of huge projects to make FruitFarm more attractive and comfortable. With the concept of sightseeing farm promoted by the Malaysian government, modern agriculture can be combined with tourism to attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists from various countries.

Of course, the first condition is to create a favourable environment for the durian tree. The water source is the most important part. FruitFarm is getting underground water and taking over the water. Construction of the pump house next to the pond is expected to take two weeks to complete. At present, the foundation the pump house has been formed, and the workers will then apply cement, build roofs and install roof tiles.

Although the road project started last month was smooth, but the results were unsatisfied. After the assessment by the farm manager and management staffs, it was decided to rework the uphill road to avoid excessive tilt and safety concerns. Others include auto gate, farm main gate and side fences. The fences have not yet been completed due to road construction progress.

Looking back at the four durian box plant seedlings at the end of September, the current growth progress is in ideal schedule. It is about 1 foot high when planted and has grown to 2 feet now. Some durian trees have successively produced flower buds, ready to usher in the next season. It is expected that the harvest will begin in late January 2020.






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