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APDAM organized a Durian Technology马农协联办榴梿技术课程

May 28, 2018 - BENTONG.

With the first Durian class organized by Global Agency for Agricultural Development responded enthusiastically, the Agricultural Association decided to organize another course to allow more farmers to learn about planting techniques.

The course was organized by the Global Agency for Agricultural Development, Agricultural Protection and Development Association of Malaysia (APDAM), PPP Agrotech Trading Sdn Bhd, and the Global Agriculture Magazine at ACACIA WATER VILLA. The technology transfer program has attracted farmers from each region to participate.

The course was mainly Chinese-speaking, Dato Chai explained and shared the knowledge of agricultural development. Apart from that, except from imparting cultivation techniques, every learner was also taught to refute, pruning, and transferring techniques, and they were invited to visit the Durian Park.

The organizer hopes that all learners will be able to deliver their durian knowledge that they have learned in these few days to their own regions in order to promote the planting knowledge and promote agricultural development. All of the participating learners also received a certificate of completion from the organizer. They also took some personal photos and group photos as a momento.

2018年5月28日 – 文冬讯。


由全球农业发展机构联合大马协总会、大马农协彭亨州分会、三宝农业科技有限公司及全球农业杂志于彭亨州文冬加叻ACACIA WATER VILLA举办了第二届榴梿技术转移课程,吸引了来自多个地区的农友前来学习。此次课程是以华语为媒介语,由大马农协总会长拿督蔡振行负责讲解并分享农业发展知识。除了传授种植技术以外,也教导学员驳枝,修枝,转移技术等,并让学员实地考察榴梿园与实习。



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