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Copy of 8TV Mandarin News Interview DurioFarm 八度空间华语新闻采访榴恋园

August 12, 2018 – Bentong.

Eco Starland Group actively promotes the eco-tourism tour at DurioFarm. The activities keep urban people to stay away from the hustle and busy lifestyle. It also makes us feel the natural beauty of Pahang and DurioFarm. Besides it, the activities attracted overseas tourist from Korea to explore the excellent taste of Musang King Durian (Mao Shan Wang).

The guests gathered at Eco Starland office located nearby to Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur and took a tour bus provided by Eco Starland Group to DurioFarm located at Bentong, Karak. After a self-introduction by the host, he led the tourist to visit the farm to see the centuries-old durian tree, the origin of the Musang King Durian and also the Japanese mangosteen trees. The host also explained the techniques to cultivation the durian in a very details process.

On the same day, 8TV Mandarin news crews came to DurioFarm for an exclusive interview Eco Starland’s staff. He demonstrated that how to cook the durian seeds and durian shells on the spot. Firstly, sliced the durian seed into small piece and fried each of the slices into a crispy bit, then sprinkled with salt. The crispy chip tasted similar to a potato chip and yummy. The second dish is to make use of the durian shells. Cut off the spikes of the durian shell, clean and put them all into the Chinese medical herbs soup to make it rich in flavor. Both dishes taste good.

Each visitor has the opportunity to enjoy the great taste of Musang King Durian, and also tasted the unique flavor of the two-durian dishes. Everyone was left with an unforgettable memory.






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