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Durian Trees Are Prepares For The Harvest Season 榴梿树调养生息为迎产季做准备

15th March 2020 - Karak

The cultivation of famous durians pays particular attention to the planting of fruit seedlings. Ironically, for today’s most marketable Musang King, the care for it is even sloppier than other species of durians. If one only plants durian seeds on the ground, it is not guaranteed that the quality of the fruits grown will be the same as the quality of the fruit that the seed originated. If you plant the seeds of a Musang King Durian, the fruits that grow from the tree might not even be a Musang King Durian. Therefore, the Musang King durian trees planted by Eco Starland use professional grafting methods to protect the durian varieties. And through the regular and quantitative release of nutrients planting technology, to ensure that the durian tree results are ushered in at an early date.

However, the durian trees in FruitFarm has an average age of over 20 years, and the details that need to be paid attention to while planting the trees are naturally different. The Musang King trees between this age are the peak of harvest results, so during the harvest season, some fruits are eliminated to ensure that each durian has sufficient nutrition, and the natural benefits of growing quality fruits will be increased. As for the post-harvest season, the most important thing is to let the durian tree rest well, which is what most people call “confinement”.

It can be seen that at different stages of growth, the Musang King Durian tree needs professional technology to achieve the ideal growing conditions. Looking at the durian trees at FruitFarm just after the beginning of the season, the most important thing to do at this time is to provide sufficient nutrients and water, and always pay attention to the growth of each durian tree: making adjustments and treatments according to the situation. All of this is still work in progress at the moment, because the durian trees are always rejuvenating at this time of the year, preparing for a better harvest next season.



但反观花果山的榴梿树,树龄平均超过20年,在种植时需要注意的细节自然有所不同。介于这个树龄的猫山王树正是结果的高峰期,所以在产季时,淘汰掉一些果实,确保每一粒榴梿都有充足的营养,种出好果自然收益更加。至于产季后,最重要的就是让榴梿树好好休养,也就是一般人所说的“坐月子” 。



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