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Eco Starland Group Subsidiary Brand MOSTAR Takes Root in China 易盛旗下猫思塔扎根神州大地 猫山王榴梿预购供不应求

28th December 2019 – Xiamen, China.

MOSTAR, a subsidiary company brand of Eco Starland Group, held a grand meeting of the Musang King Durian Brand in the "Xiamen Economic and Cultural Promotion Association Annual Meeting 2019 and Dinner Event" in Putian Branch of Xiamen Shanghang Chamber of Commerce. MOSTAR, under the slogan of "Time make good durian," brought the high-quality Musang king durian which planted in the farm of Eco Starland Group into the China market.

Steven Li, Chairman of Eco Starland Group, believe that the agricultural industry is the industry leading the future, especially the high grade agricultural products will create a new economic miracle. He firmly believes that the Malaysian Musang King Durian will further development in agricultural industry. Therefore, he chose to join the Ecos Starland Group and set out the company's foreign policy, creating a brand that belongs to the Eco Starland Group – MOSTAR confidently took the durian planted in the Eco Starland Group's own farm to enter the China market.

At the meeting, Steven Li emphasized that MOSTAR is produced in own farm and was conceived and grown in Pahang, Malaysia. Therefore, climate, soil, technology, specialty, and technology have been preparing, aiming to focus on planting and production durians. From the intelligent irrigation system to the nutrition for each tree, they have been carefully evaluated by the professional team and R & D team to create the most suitable growth environment.

Although MOSTAR has been in the China market for short time, orders have came in bulk. Therefore, it is expected that there will be a fixed number of containers each month in the future to bring Malaysia's treasured Musang King durian to China.

The MOSTAR team led by Steven Li will focus on China durian market and provide buyers with high-quality durian products and professional services. Anyone interested, can place an order immediately by scanning the QR code. If you have any questions or cooperation issues, please contact us for more information.








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