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Mr Wee’s New Book - “My Durian Farming Logbook” Sharing Event 黄勇业新书《我的榴梿种植笔记》分享会 现场座无虚席

6th June 2019 - Kuala Lumpur.

After a few months of hard work, Mr Wee Yong Geap, the Farm Director of Eco Starland, and his latest book “My Durian Farming Logbook” is finally available on shelves now, and is now selling well in Malaysia’s biggest book fair - the BookFest Malaysia.

Mr Wee was also invited to a session where he shared his thoughts on his new book, and interacted with his readers directly, answering questions they have. On the day of the event, the working team of Eco Starland arrived at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre bright and early for preparation work. First of all, the stage of the venue was properly arranged, including stage setting, equipment confirmation, props and backboard placement, etc. As for backstage, the signing of the book arranged in advance, the signature pen and signs for direction and others, in the hope to maintain the order of the event.

The sharing event started at 2 p.m., with an attendance of more than 300, with no extra seats left. During the sharing of 40 minutes, the interaction between Mr Wee and the host Prof. Dr Lim was interesting. The situation was so enjoyed until the end of the event, he still has some very interesting ideas to share. However, due to the limited time of the session, Mr Wee has to stop, as the public signing follows closely after that.

On that day, there were lots of readers interested in buying new books, and naturally, the queue was extremely long as well. It’s nice to see everyone waiting patiently and in an orderly fashion for Mr Wee to sign their books and taking pictures with them. The whole event’s mood was suddenly raised. All the readers and friends who came to join Mr Wee also had a group photo with him, to celebrate the successful start of his publication. The scene was very lively.

According to the statistics given by Popular Bookstore in July, Mr Wee Yong Geap’s “My Durian Farming Logbook”, published on June 2019, was ranked 37th in the Top 50 Best Selling Books at the 14th BookFest Malaysia. Thank you for the support given to Mr Wee by everyone and the love that has been given to the book. Being the main sponsor for this book, Eco Starland sincerely congratulates Mr Wee for his success in the sale of his new book!

At the end of July, all readers who are interested in purchasing this book can find it in Popular Bookstores nationwide or the online platform “Popular Online”. This new masterpiece, “My Durian Farming Logbook”, was written by Mr Wee Yong Geap, the Farm Director of Eco Starland, and edited by Ms Yirin Choo, the CEO of Eco Starland Group. Readers can also visit the Eco Starland office to purchase this book.







7月底开始所有有意购书的读者可以在全国的大众书局以及网路平台Popular Online买到这本由易盛农场总监黄老师亲自操刀,易盛首席执行长朱佩琳编辑完成的全新力作《我的榴梿种植笔记》。读者也可以亲临易盛总部办公室购买此书。


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