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Rainy Season and Revolution of Irrigation Systems 雨季影响产果量 灌溉系统再进化

15th December 2019 – Karak.

The construction of the pump house has been affected by the weather. Continuing the ditch construction previously, this month is mainly to raise the fence of the ditch next to the pump house to prevent soil collapse. The entire process requires stacking the bricks and cementing them, which is done after drying process. However, if it rains, the work should delay, otherwise being too humid. Rainy season prolongs the construction time, results in that some works are uncompleted.

On the other hand, the nutrient mixer has been installed and will effectively irrigate the nutrient solution, so that each tree will get sufficient nutrients. The organic nutrient solution that has been certified and passed laboratory test is insert to this device, it can be combined with the appropriate water and sent to the durian tree in the farm, to supply the evapotranspiration and growth of each tree.

Since the control panel had installed in the pump house, after setting is completed, the irrigation system can start up, and intelligent irrigation can be practice with high technology. After some test, Netafim, which is responsible for installing the irrigation system, will make detail adjustment for the durian tree to have enough water.

FruitFarm has been affected by the rainfall brought by the monsoon this month. It has reduced the amount of irrigation water supply to avoid leakage or soil nutrients being washed away. On the other hand, the rambutan began to ripe, but the sweet fruits attracted many monkeys to steal. Next, let’s look forward to the fruit production season from the end of January to February.







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