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Ecotourism – DurioFarm 榴恋园生态旅游

8 June 2018 – BENTONG.

Eco Starland invested in DurioFarm which located at Karak, Pahang to promote ecotourism.

In order to improve and beautify DurioFarm, Eco Starland has carried out some beautification work in DurioFarm, to upgrade basic facilities to make DurioFarm be more comfortable and beautiful without losing the beauty of nature and environment.

Eco Starland has added some facilities in DurioFarm including stone tables and tea table as well as gloriette for visitors to take a rest and gathering. In addition, Eco Starland has built a clean and hygienic toilet, added fire protection facilities, fences, VIP lounges and more. Eco Starland also built a pantry to serve drinks and food. The above landscaping projects were completed on June 8.





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