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Think cheese is smelly? How about a Mao Shan Wang durian pizza with kaya?

Made with Mao Shan Wang durian, kaya, mozzarella cheese and corn, Pezzo's new Kaya Durian Pizza might put the “sin” in “Singaporean" food.

In today's "Singapore mash-up" dining news: Durian and kaya have made it onto a mozzarella pizza.

Touted as a Singapore first (perhaps for good reason), the Kaya Durian Pizza by Pezzo combines the simplicity of breakfast spread with the decadence of a supper romp for what sounds like a definite food coma.

The dessert pizza features creamy Mao Shan Wang durian and even creamier kaya, layered over Pezzo’s signature thick crust pizza and garnished with toppings of corn.

Did we mention there’s mozzarella cheese on this? It is a pizza, after all.

Who would have thought Pezzo would one up themselves after their 2017 Durian King Charcoal pizza?

Durian pizza: Yay or Nay? July. 21, 2017.

Credit: CNA

For diners who do not worship at the temple of the thorny fruit, Pezzo will also be pairing smoked salmon with avocado on the new Prosperity Smoked Salmon Pizza for Chinese New Year. The limited-edition pizza also contains tomatoes, yogurt and melted cheese.

Both Prosperity Smoked Salmon Pizza and Kaya Durian Pizza are going at S$5.90 a slice and at S$29.90 a pan, available while stocks last.

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