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Eco Starland Group Receives the Best Durian Farm Award from Robert Kiyosaki 中国广州富爸爸全球财商峰会“新趋势.创前程” 易

20th October 2019 - Guangzhou China.

The "New Trends and Prospects" 2019 Rich Dad Global Financial Summit co-sponsored by Chengdu Capital Group, Fortune College and Golden Cat Technology that was held in Guangzhou Stadium lasted for 3 days and attracted nearly 4000 people. This summit invited a lot of influential people from around the world, including rich dad Robert Kiyosaki, Asia’s chief passive income master James Fan, Asia’s chief speaker Liang Kaien, Golden Cat Technology CEO Liu Zhenhua, and founder Zhou Wenqiang.

These top experts from the appreciation of personal wealth to breaking through the limits of corporate development, and even understanding the global economic trends and predicting the next outlet, bring high-value wealth information to the audience, and with the people who aim to achieve wealth freedom by unlocking future wealth together.

Eco Starland Group’s chairman KC Lim and CEO Yirin Choo were also invited to attend the summit and being granted the “Best Durian Farm” Award from Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki on behalf of Eco Starland Group, affirming their efforts to create a great model farm. This award adds a halo to the Eco Starland Group, and the status of the promotion has increased the confidence and affirmation.

James Fan, an Asian passive income master, mentioned at the meeting that it is crucial for investors to have a smart view to discover unique investment opportunities, including a better understanding of real estate in Asia. He also specifically analysed the Malaysia Musang King Durian planting project, which broadened everyone’s understanding of the development of various industries.

2019年10月20日 - 中国,广州。





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