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Durio Farm Tour 榴恋园一日游

9th June 2018 – KUALA LUMPUR.

Eco Starland held a DurioFarm tour on Saturday. There were 62 tourists to visit this DurioFarm at Karak, Pahang. DurioFarm was an ecotourism plan promoted by Eco Starland. It allows participants to get close to nature, increase in environmental awareness and cultivate healthy planting techniques.

The visitors gathered at Mid Valley HQ office and registered to get the wristband, a hand fan as well as a special designed DurioFarm passport. After registration, the visitors took the bus to DurioFarm which took about an hour from the Kuala Lumpur. Along the journey, the crew explained to the visitors the house rules of the DurioFarm.

When arrived the entrance of DurioFarm, Eco Starland had arranged the car to fetch the visitors into the DurioFarm in batches. Eco Starland gave the special designed postcard to the visitors and help them to send to the destination for free. For the DurioFarm's travel passport, if visitors could name all the 10 trees in travel passport, they would receive a small gift.

In addition, visitors could also review the history of DurioFarm and view the photos with commemorative value and the “Nursery Orchard” plaque in the corner historical review.

Before entering the DurioFarm, the host had introduced himself. Then he guided visitors to visit and introduced the various kinds of durian's trees, durian seedlings, Japanese mangosteens, banana trees and coconut trees. He had explained the different characteristics of the tree, so that the visitors could increase the knowledge of durian.

In this scorching hot day, the organizer had prepared lunch for the visitors which included chicken rice, fried rice noodles, nasi lemak, soft drinks, mineral water, Eco water, cool coconut, special handmade durian ice cream etc., so the visitors could enjoy their lunch in DurioFarm.

After some explanation of the prospects of durian industry, Eco Starland provided some gifts to the Q & A winners. At around 1pm, the durian finally appeared. The host explained the differences between different varieties of Durian and demonstrated the way of opening durian by hand without using any tool. The durian varieties that provided including red prawn, 101, Tekka and Musang King.

Eco Starland also prepared a special durian opener for the visitors to open durians and enjoy durians. Everyone was feeling fun. After the durian buffet, the organizers left the durian shells and seeds recycled for use as fertilizers for the cultivation of environmental health durians.

The visitors had joined this one-day ecotourism tour and enjoy the moment they stayed at DurioFarm.










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