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Eco Starland Berhad promotes environmental awareness and healthy planting techniques. 推广环保意识和健康种植技术

July 21, 2018 – Bentong.

Eco Starland Berhad organized a durian farm tour at their recently completed eco tourism project, DurioFarm. It played host to invited guests from Singapore, China and Hongkong who all experienced a return to nature at DurioFarm.

The invited guests were briefed on the opportunities of the agricultural sector especially in the durian industry before being whisked off by our host, for a tour of the durian farm which introduced them to the varieties of durian trees, and the Musang King durian seedlings.

Before the end of the tour, the invited guests had the chance to open up durians with a specialized equipment designed for opening durians and tasted the variety of home grown durians at DurioFarm.

Later in the afternoon, one of Eco Starland Berhad’s business partner, ZON DUTANIAGA SERVICES SDN BHD (ZDS), also paid a visit to DurioFarm to inspect and review the company's plan.

2018年7月21日- 文冬讯。




集团合作伙伴之一ZON DUTANIAGA也在下午时分到访园区参观,实地考察及了解公司种植计划。


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