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South Korea New Market for Musang King Durians

PORT DICKSON, March 5 — South Korea has been identified as a new market for the Musang King durian, said director-general of the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) Datuk Ahmad Ishak.

He said South Korea was another nation where durian products could be promoted.

“We have sent a trial shipment there. This is to give the people there a taste of Malaysian durian. After this, we will follow up with marketing Malaysian durians there,” he told reporters after the launching of a course on ups killing the marketing and growing of Musang King durians Series 2 at the FAMA Training Institute, here today.

He said other new markets for the durians were Canada and Europe. So far, Malaysian durians have been marketed to several destinations including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia, America and Indonesia.

“We are focusing on these markets which can help increase our output of durians. At the same time, we also have to promote our durians locally and we are looking at new ways of selling durians,” he said.

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